Monday, November 24, 2008

Long Run

Okay, so it has been a while, and I am new to this blogging, thing so a little update.
Last week was a rough week for running. I lacked a major amount of energy. I always lose motivation when the time changes, and winter starts, I get kinda seasonally down. It makes me totally lack running motivation.
So my base mileage last week was lame. I crammed it all into a few days so I could get my long run done on Sunday.

Well, Sunday dawned at a wonderful 14 degrees in upstate NY. My husband came in from work at 6 AM, and informed me that it was way too cold to run outside. I had my mind set to run outside, but knew I had to wait until it got "warmer". It got warmer. A whole 5 degrees. It got up to 21 degrees.

So I bundled up, hats, gloves, tights, (my new nike tights are awesome, got them on sale at Marshalls!) and out I went.
My route brings me to a nearby town, which is six miles away, I then tack on a few more to get nine, and my husband picks me up at the local Stewarts. (A gas station/convenience store) in town.

I actually was so excited to have actually covered NINE miles, my longest run ever. I feel like I am now entering my Marathon training.

This week, I have a Turkey Trot the day after Thanksgiving, my first one ever!
I am looking forward to this run!

I run to obtain more miles.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Sunday was my long run.
In the freezing cold.
Temperature was 34. I thankfully indulged in a new pair of running tights that I had found at Marshals for very cheap! They were awesome.
Lately my runs have been a little difficult. I seem to be winded very quickly, and what used to be an easy distance or speed seems super difficult. I am blaming it on the heat in the room where I have my treadmill, because as of right now I have no other reason!
My training has been wonderful. My mental toughness is always challenged, should I push through, pull make to cover the miles, and soldier on.
While i run I remind myself of my friend, who took her time, (before she died) to encourage my running, not just with her words, but her deeds.
I also think about my sister, who always inspires me. Her strength, her desire, who she is, and her love of running. She can not run right now, due to a back injury, I run for her too! I try to pray for her healing while I run, so that the peace, I obtain when running is again hers!

I run to obtain.....perseverance.

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"

Friday, November 14, 2008

No AM Run

Alarm went off, and I turned it off, and went back to sleep...Yikes. Super! Duper! tired today. I have no idea why. Yesterdays run was wicked. Today I have zero energy...ZERO!
Maybe I will go for a walk, and run tomorrow morning.
I am doing the Hal Higdon plan, which I mentioned before, and one thing he mentions is to be flexible in your training schedule. I am having a hard time with flexibility and with out feeling guilty about missing a run.

I will have to focus on positive mental energy!

This is pretty much how I feel today!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

training week three

so this week I start increasing my mid week run. I did four miles today, three miles tomorrow, and then my long run on Sunday which will be 5 miles.

My run today was harsh. I felt wicked tired, hot, and winded! It probably does not help that I run in our utility room, where our washing machine, dryer, and Furnace is like a thousand degrees in there to begin with so when you start running it gets hot. this may have something to do with stamina today.

Of course the mind is a running amok with all kinds of negative thoughts. Like "what are you thinking" " you can not do this!"
But I have my pictures of my friend up and I try to focus on that...
Any mental mantra ideas?

Why I started this blog thing!

I have decided to train for the marathon. Crazy? Maybe. Therapeutic? Absolutely.
I am in my second week of the Hal Higdon training program for the novice runner. I am enjoying it, and am excited about it.
I feel like it is my way of dealing with my friends death...from breast cancer...
my journey...
I run to obtain